Borough of Stratford eNews Blast

Please read the following information below regarding the your eNews subscription, prior to signing up.

The Borough of Stratford has decided to set up a Borough Information e-mail broadcast.  If you agree to receive the e-mails, you will receive occasional messages about important meetings and updates on important issues.  This will NOT be a two-way system; we will not be able to respond to returned e-mails.  This is only meant as an aid to the residents, it is not intended as a legal advertisement for meetings and there is no guarantee that all information will get to everyone at all times.  This is just an attempt to help get the word out.  You can help the system work by passing the e-mails to neighbors and friends in town.  There are some people that do not use e-mail.

Since the eNews process has no guarantees, please refer to the Borough Website ( which has the most current up to date municipal information.

The Mayor and Council recognize that in our town as in most towns there is a problem getting the information out to the residents about these meetings.  We know that most people do not scan the papers looking for meeting times and locations.  We also recognize that with hot-button issues like these, there is a lot of misinformation that gets passed around.  We want every resident in this town to have the opportunity to attend these important meetings and voice their opinions on these issues.  We also want to make sure that what information is dispensed is accurate.

Please understand that most information about what is going on in town can be found on the Borough web site.  You do have to go there to get the information and we know that that is not happening.

This is NOT SPAM, please DO NOT report any eNews blasts from the Borough of Stratford as SPAM. If you do so, this only affects other residents whom wish to receive this eNews. Remember for you to receive eNews you must subscribe to the eNews service. If you would like to unsubscribe from this eNews you can do so at any time. You may unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any eNews or you may click unsubscribe. It takes some time to put opt outs in effect so you may still receive e-blast from the Borough of Stratford for several weeks after your request is received. If you have any questions about the eNews system, or would like to comment on a particular eNews bast, you can email the borough at or please feel free to contact the Borough Hall during normal hours of operation at
783-0600.  Please DO NOT reply to the eNews blast, the borough does not receive these replies. Thank you.

Under NJ Law all email addresses provided are considered a public record and are available under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) by the general public.

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