Stratford Redevelopement

Dear Stratford Redevelopement Stakeholders:

This letter is to provide you an update on the redevelopment process in Stratford. As an entity, with either a stake in or other involvement in the ongoing process of Rehabilitation in Stratford, we want to keep you informed on the current status of our efforts. we thank you for past involvement and look forward to your active interest as we move forward. To read more of Councilwoman Holly Tate's letter to Stakeholder [click here]

Current Redevelopemtn Projects

Laurel Mills, Warwick Road, Block 116, Lots 14, 14.04

 Council Redevelopment Committee

    Chairperson Councilman Frank Hartman ~

    Councilman John Dudley ~

    Councilwoman Linda Hall ~

    * Plan ~ Laurel Mills Redevelopment/Rehabilitation Plan [plans]

    * Photos ~ Coming Soon Ben Angeli ~

Bradlees/Juster, 222 South White Horse Pike, B. 62, Lot 2

 Council Redevelopment Committee

    Chairperson Pat Green ~

    Councilman David Gray ~

    Councilwoman Tina Lomanno ~

    * Plan ~ White Horse Pike Area Revitalization Plan (Bradlles/Juster Site and Vicinity) [plans]

    * Photos ~ Coming Soon

Zonging Map

To view the current Borough zoning map [map]